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 Committed to Providing Appellate and Post-Conviction Assistance to Both You and Your Trial Attorney.   

Practice focuses in the areas of:

Civil Appeals, Criminal Appeals & Post-Conviction Remedies

  • All Civil Appeals (Contract, Civil Rights, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Probate)
  • Family Law Appeals (Judgment of Dissolution, Alimony, Child Support, Modifications and Contempt)
  • Motions for Post-Conviction Relief
  • Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions
  • Civil and Criminal Appeals to Florida and Federal Courts
  • Administrative Appeals (License Revocation or Suspension)
  • Extraordinary Writs (Habeas Corpus, Prohibition, Certiorari, Mandamus)
  • Sealing/Expungment of Criminal Records
  • Restoration of Civil Rights (Including Firearm Rights)
  • Pardons & Commutations of Sentence

Constitutional Law

  • First Amendment: Freedom of Expression
  • Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms
  • Fourth Amendment: Unreasonable Search & Seizure
  • Fifth Amendment: Due Process of Law
  • Sixth Amendment: Right to Fair Trial
  • Seventh Amendment: Trial by Jury in Civil Cases
  • Ninth Amendment: Unenumerated Rights
  • Eleventh Amendment: Lawsuits Against States
  • Fourteenth Amendment:  Equal Protection of the Laws

Wills, Trusts, Probate and Estate Planning

  • Wills, Living Wills, Designations of Health Care Surrogate & Power of  Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Planning for the Elderly & Protecting Assets
  • Estate Tax Planning

"Proper Estate Planning Can Preserve Your Assets"

Practicing Law in Volusia County Since 1986!

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